There are several definitions of "good credit." If you have had credit difficulties in the past, the best way to find out if we can assist you is to apply for a loan at no cost. Our loan staff will work with you to look for ways to get your loan request approved.

We’re proud to be known as Tulsa's Premier Auto Lender. Anyone can apply for a loan, even if they’re not yet a member. Approvals are based on the member’s ability to pay and credit history.

Unsure of your credit history? You can check your own credit score for free once annually by visiting

Your credit score is an important part of your financial health, and we encourage members to review their credit report regularly.

Do you already have an auto loan with a different lender?

TTCU may be able to help you lower your monthly auto loan payments by refinancing with us. Learn more about our refinance program or apply online today – it's quick and easy! 

We also offer free tools like our auto loan calculators to help you determine your approximate loan payments, and what you can afford.