TTCU's Credit Card conversion is completed as of April 23, 2023. Please review the below FAQs for more information. 


What happens if a payment is mailed to the old address?

Any checks mailed to the previous address are forwarded to TTCU for manual posting.  All payments will be effective the original date received.


What is the new payment mailing address?

Please make checks payable to TTCU Federal Credit union and mail to:
TTCU Federal Credit Union 
P.O. Box 37035, 
Boone, IA 50037-0035


Why did TTCU converting to a new credit card processor? 

TTCU strives to give our members the best possible experience.  The new processor offers many new features and benefits not currently available.


Will I still be able to use my existing credit card?

Current TTCU credit cards will continue to work until April 22, 2023.  New cards have been mailed to members and those new cards can be activated and used after 9:00 a.m. on April 23rd.


How will the new cards be activated? 

Cards can be activated by calling (888) 691-8661.


How do I set my PIN

PINs can be set by calling (888) 891-2435 and following the prompts. 


Will the new cards have a new credit card number?

Yes. All new credit cards being issued will have a new account number. 


Why did card numbers change? 

Visa is requiring a change to have longer card numbers. New cards were going to have to be issued soon, so TTCU took a proactive approach during the digital banking conversion to issue all new card numbers.


What happens with recurring charges on existing cards? 

Each recurring charge will need to be updated to charge to the new card number. 


What if the old card is registered to a digital wallet such as as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, CashApp, or PayPal?

Digital Wallet approval for the new cards is pending approval with Visa.  We will announce when the new numbers can be added to your digital wallet.


How will I access my credit card information after April 25th?

Access your information by logging into the new digital banking platform or from the TTCU web site, click on the TTCU Federal Credit Union MyCardInfo. Here you will have access to see all current transactions, set up alerts, make payments, set up and access e-Statements, dispute transactions, set travel notifications, and perform balance transfers.  You may also contact Card Support at (866) 936-8828.


Why is my credit card payment not reflecting on my account?

Credit cards payments made between April 21st and April 23rd, will reflect on your account after 11am on April 24th. 
As of 4/27/2023 all payments have been transferred to the new card and backdated to match the original date of payment.


What is the cutoff time for payments to post the same day?

Credit card payments can be made through online banking, or directly at MyCardInfo. Payments after 3:00 p.m. central time will not be posted until the following business day. Payments made at a branch location, by phone or by mail may take up to two business days to post. 


What if I was expecting a refund from my old card number?

All refunds will be transferred to the new card.


Will e-Statements from the old cards be available? 

No.  Members will not have access to previous statements. TTCU has access to archived statements and can provide those to members as requested.  Normal statement printing fees apply and delivery times will be provided based on demand.


How do I access my CashBack or Rewards Points?

The primary cardholder logs into online banking account at, click Card Management, Credit Card Rewards, from the list, select the card ending in the last 4 digits of your card, or and set up an account.


Are there any changes to the credit card limits, rates, and terms?

No, all limits, rates, and terms will remain the same.


Will Payment due dates stay the same?

No. Due dates will be set to a due date close to your current statement cycle. We are able to change due dates by request, if needed. 


What are some of the new features and benefits? 

The new system will give TTCU the ability to issue a separate card number to each person on the account.   This will create a much easier process if one card is lost, stolen, or compromised. In addition, we will be able to offer digital issuance, online balance transfers, e-Statements, more alert options, and better fraud text alerts.


Will there be a separate app for the credit card? 

No. TTCU will have one app for digital banking, credit, and debit cards. 
The functionality of credit cards within the TTCU app is in progress. You can use MyCardInfo to access your credit card information. 


How do I get full access to MyCardInfo?

You can access MyCardInfo outside of the digital banking app by visiting the direct website, . You will need to go through the enrollment process the first time logging in.  


I applied for a new credit card in April but I still have not received it. When can I expect to receive it? 

In preparation for conversion, new credit cards had to stop being ordered on April 6, 2023.  All new accounts and replacement cards ordered after April 6th will be ordered on April 23rd. Members that fall into this time frame should have a new credit card around May 1st.


Why do the last 4 digits on my credit card statement not match the last 4 digits on my new credit card?

The 4 digits showing on your statement are an internal TTCU number that provides an extra layer of security. Should your card become stolen, lost or compromised, we will issue a new credit card number but the last 4 digits on the statement will always stay the same. 


Why can’t I set up automatic payments for DirecTV with my credit card?

TTCU has confirmed directly with our processor and Visa that the issue is in the DirecTV system. TTCU and Visa cannot help resolve the problem.

Additional questions? Please contact Credit Card Support 1-866-936-8828