Please call or visit a branch location to complete a wire transfer.

A wire transfer is an electronic transfer of funds from one financial institution to another. Since the transfer is electronic, no cash or checks are exchanged. This type of transfer can be used for domestic or international transactions.

To receive a wire transfer:
You will need to provide your member number or your account number along with TTCU's routing number to the financial institution sending the funds. TTCU's routing number is 303986313.

  • If you provide your member number, it will be deposited into your savings account.
  • If you provide your checking account number (the account number on the bottom of your checks) the funds will be deposited into your Checking account. You can also locate your checking account number in the details section of the account within online banking.

Your name must be on the account the wire is being sent to. Once the wire has been deposited to your account, the funds will be immediately available.

Printable Incoming Wire Instruction Form

To send a wire transfer:
You'll first need wiring instructions for the institution where you will be sending funds. Please verify the information directly with the institution. Once you have the needed details, contact TTCU to setup the transfer.

Fees may apply when you send or receive a wire (from either institution). TTCU’s fee's for wire transfers (domestic and international) can be found on our Fee Schedule.