The specific amount of closing costs will vary.

A home loan often involves many fees, such as the appraisal fee, title charges, closing fees, and state or local taxes. These fees vary from state to state and lender to lender.

To assist you in evaluating fees, we've grouped them as follows: third party fees, taxes and other unavoidable costs, and lender fees.

Third party fees include: 

  • Appraisal fee
  • Credit report fee
  • Survey fee
  • Tax service fee
  • Flood certification fees
  • Courier/mailing fees

Third-party fees are fees that are collected and passed on to the person who performed the service. For example, an appraiser is paid the appraisal fee, a credit bureau is paid the credit report fee, and a title company or an attorney is paid the title insurance fees. It is important to note that TTCU pays most third-party fees such as credit reports, flood certification and courier fees on behalf of our members. We require members to pay for the appraisal performed on the subject property.

Taxes and other unavoidable costs include:

  • State/local taxes
  • Closing or settlement fees
  • Title insurance fees
  • Recording fees.

These fees will most likely have to be paid regardless of the lender you choose. If some lenders don't quote you fees that include taxes and other unavoidable fees, don't assume that you won't have to pay them. It probably means the lender hasn't done the research necessary to provide accurate closing costs.

Lender fees include:

  • Points
  • Document preparation fees
  • Loan processing fees
  • Underwriting fees

Other fees are retained by the lender. Many lenders charge several fees that fall in this category. TTCU does not charge excessive fees – in fact, we only have one lender fee, $949.00.

This is the category of fees that you should compare very closely when comparing lenders, before making a decision.

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Are you out of state?

Home loans from TTCU Federal Credit Union are available in Oklahoma, Tulsa, Bixby, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Sapulpa, Sand Springs, Owasso, Claremore, Muskogee, but also Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas - Wichita, Joplin, Springfield, Springdale and Fayetteville.